How To Clean Air Ducts in 15 Steps

Step 1: Turn on the system to ensure that the unit is working properly, the technician will inform the customer of any problems before starting any work.
Step 2: Once the unit is inspected we will then, layout large vacuum hose, extension cords & air compressor hose on large cloth drop cloths to protect your furniture.
Step 3: Then the technician will cut access panels (if required) & connect high powered vacuum for negative pressure.
Step 4: Taking our special fit filter blocker, we insert it in the filter door compartment in place of your filter to block each side of your system off from one another to ensure maximum suction.
Step 5: We then block off all register & return vent openings for added negative pressure on the system.
Step 6: While our high powered vacuum is sucking negative pressure on the main duct, we go to each vent & remove covering washing each covering then analyze how much & how heavy the debris is, (if needed) we do a reverse extraction at that point from the register or return vent opening to collect it there. (Instead of sending it down the line to get stuck)
Step 7: Then air whip and blow high-pressure air simultaneously to send smaller particles and debris down the whole pipeline to the main duct.
Step 8: Once we have cleared out all pipelines and return intake channels, we then collect the rest of the debris out of the main supply & return trunk lines. (We do so through access panels we have made), by inserting air whips’ & high-pressure reverse air nozzles, and this will whip & blast the debris towards the vacuum to be collected. (If needed) for (larger size or highly contaminated systems) we may need to make small holes (no bigger than a quarter) every 5 – 7 ft, on the ducting to ensure proper cleaning. (Holes are plugged & sealed)
Step 9: After all contaminants have been collected, now we will disassemble the furnace and blower housing to inspect A/C coil, blower fan, motor & heat exchange. Then we blow, brush & vacuum out the furnace to get rid of carbon and dust build-up, then we disassemble the blower from the housing and motor then proceed to clean in detail to a like-new condition.
Step 10: Now that everything is clean, we must sanitize/disinfect/deodorize the entire system, (if applicable) to get rid of germs, bacteria, pollen, dust mites & mold spores. This is done by applying a mist of solution through the access panels and into each vent opening. (Solution is E.P.A. Certified for air duct systems)
Step 11: Now we reassemble the blower & furnace back to proper working conditions replace all filters if available. (Filters not provided)
Step 12: After the furnace is reassembled & the ducting system is sanitized/disinfected/deodorized, we then seal all access panels & holes.
Step13: Then the technician will turn on the system to ensure its back in proper working condition and show the customer so there are no discrepancies
Step 14: Clean up all messes, leaving no trace.
Step 15: Make sure the customer is informed about the system & satisfied with the cleaning service, recommend our Referral Program.

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